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Skills and development evening

Footy4kidz™ Skills and Development Evening.


Does your child want to improve their technical skills during a friendly, safe environment? The Skills night works on the principals of a Long Term Player Development program which encompasses “The 4 Corner development model”.

  • Technical development – Mastering technical skills with the ball.
  • Physical development – Athletic movement.
  • Psychological development – Creating a positive, enthusiastic learning environment.
    • Social development – Learning through interaction with coaches & other players.

Through the programme we have developed, we will look to improve fundamental techniques such as:-

      • Dribbling – Stops & starts, fakes & feints, moves to beat an opponent in 1v1 situations
      • Passing / Receiving – Improving and encouraging accurate and creative passing.
      • S.A.Q – Speed, Agility, Quickness. Improving speed with and without the ball.
      • Shooting / Finishing – Exercises to create and improve finishing

Our goals are to:

      • Develop skilled, confident and creative players
      • Make the game fun to practice and play
      • Teach good sportsmanship and respect for all
      • Value winning but not more than character and performance

The sessions take place at Marple Hall School, every Monday evening, from 6pm – 7.30pm.


6 Week Development Programme

We have put together a 6-week development program which will improve the technical ability of your child. Each weekly session will focus on one particular topic and will feature all of the below :-

      • BALL MASTERY: 1 player 1 ball. Repetition ball control exercises with both feet.
      • RECEIVING / PASSING: Exercises and games to improve 1st touch, so important at all levels, and to encourage accurate and creative passing.
      • MOVES 1 V 1: Exercises and games that teach game winning individual moves and create space
      • SPEED: Exercises and games to improve agility, acceleration and power with and without the ball.
      • FINISHING: Exercises and games that improve technique and encourage instinctive play around the goal.

Every session will always feature ball mastery. We want our Players’ to be comfortable on the ball and “Make the ball OUR friend”.

Come along and give it a try.The sessions take place at Marple Hall School, every Monday evening, from 6pm – 7.30pm.
Please telephone Chris on 07921 557 344 to confirm your booking.